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Welcome To Janzen & Janzen...

Multidisciplinary Team of Chiropractors, Personal Trainers Massage Therapists, Physical Therapist, and Functional Neurologists.

Meet chiropractors Drs. Mike and Matt Janzen and their team!
Driven by the desire to provide the most advanced and affective natural health care. We believe in a system of medicine that attempts to identify and correct the root causes of health problems returning you to your healthy quality of life. We provide quality-customized care to eliminate your pain and allow you to return to your daily activities as quickly as possible.

A Team Committed to You
Dedicated and highly experienced team of doctors, fitness trainers, and massage therapists work together developing comprehensive treatment program to bring your body back to a healthy pain-free state.

We treat patients of all ages and activity levels and view each patient as an individual with unique conditions to evaluate and treat. Our goal, together as doctors and patient, is an unrestricted and freely moveable body, a strong and flexible muscular system, relaxed not chronically tense muscles and tissues, and a nutrient intake to complete a healthy, well functioning body.

Scoliosis Treatment

The scoliosis treatment methods we utilize at our Health Center in Campbell, CA reduces and stabilizes scoliotic curves. Our methods are conservative, highly affective, and non-surgical.